Engine Building

Engines can need re-building service for a variety of different reasons whether it be age and loss of compression, oil bypass, loss of cam timing, mechanical over-rev, sludging due to improper maintenance etc. Some engines have inherent issues that can also be rectified in the process with factory technical bulletin parts or higher quality, more durable after market/racing components.

Due to the extremely close tolerances, vastly greater numbers of parts compared to domestic or asian applications, small variations from model to model and large selection of required specialty tools, Porsche, Audi and Bentley engines are not to be delved into by the novice. They require the time, patience and expertise of a trained technician versed in the minutia and procedures of the OEM. At Technical Dimensions we bring that level of experience and pride to EVERY engine we build. We feel that every engine we build should be both fully functional and attractive as well. All engines receive the best parts available. All components are thoroughly cleaned and checked. New Yellow chromate hardware and specialty fasteners are used throughout. We believe every engine should look as good or better than it did the day it was installed at the Factory. Also of note, we are the only IRF in our region rebuilding and upgrading ALL engines for Porsche/Audi/Bentley IN-HOUSE.

For some, the (albeit generous) stock horsepower output of their engine just isn’t enough. For these uncompromising souls, there are numerous internal and ancillary upgrades that can be performed to increase the total engine output. From  simple drop-in sport cams to large displacement and forced induction, the sky is truly the limit! For details on what we can offer you, see our Performance page or call our specialists to discuss your specific application.