Routine Scheduled Maintenance & Repairs


Performing your manufacturers recommended maintenance services at predetermined time/milage intervals is incredibly important to maintaining a long and trouble free relationship with your car. While service parts have gotten better over the years, they still require replacement to keep your vehicle running at its best AND most efficient. Especially for the most modern applications with adaptive engine management, it may be difficult to detect the minor changes in crispness and fuel economy that have been lost due to wearing service items.

From time to time, the manufacturer will also issue software updates for your engine management system. These are typically addressed with our factory diagnostic tools at maintenance intervals and help to correct any known glitches or problems with a model post-production.

If in doubt as to what services you require, you are always welcome to contact us with your mileage and last services performed and we will be happy to determine what service is due, as well as guide you through the details of what those items mean for your model per the specific maintenance schedule.



The old adage: “If you think taking your car to a good mechanic is expensive, try taking it to a bad one” is still as applicable today as when it was coined.

Experience is critical to performing the job right, the FIRST time. By providing the highest level of experience in our field, diagnosis and repairs typically take less time and ultimately saves the client money. Those of us at the top of our field have spent as many or more years in technical training as a student receiving a Masters degree at a traditional University.  At Technical Dimensions, we have more experience than any other IRF in the region encompassing both the newest Porsche, Audi and Bentley cars, as well as classis models.  Our training continues as new models are released, with update classes bi-annually and technical study literature as it is released.



Today’s Porsche, Audi and Bentley vehicles come with some of the most advanced On-Board Diagnostic systems of any passenger vehicle produced. These systems are meant to monitor, control and adapt a vast array of sensors, senders and devices.  On-Board Diagnostics System 2 was introduced in 1996, and with it the infamous “Check Engine” Light or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp). The thrust of OBD2 was to provide a way to standardize emissions control systems for all makes and models. As the years have gone by, OBD2 systems have become even more complex and the German OEMS have incorporated many proprietary features in their diagnostic systems that require Factory Diagnostic Scan Tools to properly diagnose or adapt their products. These diagnosable systems have grown to incorporate not just the engine (DME) but instrument cluster, ABS, Automatic transmission, lighting, HVAC, Airbag, Suspension, Infotainment (radio/Nav/Blue Tooth) and many more. A fault in one system can now affect other systems, making the diagnosis procedure more complex.

One of the most important parts of being an effective and well rounded Technician is the capability to quickly and accurately perform complex electrical and electronic diagnosis of any vehicle system. It is a commonly held misconception that the scan tool tells us what is wrong with your car.  Our Factory Scan Tools assist us in gathering real-time information for tracking down and rectifying faults in these systems. The most important tool we have is still the one between our ears!



Having the correct tools to perform repairs and service are critical. There is no alternative if you wish to work at a Factory level. In addition to Snap On, Mac and Matco industry leading hand and pneumatic tools, we utilize many tools from trusted German suppliers such as Hazat, Stahlwille and Asenmacher. These complement our vast supply of Factory Porsche Audi and Bentley specialty tools for a host of specific tasks such as engine and transmission building. For custom fabrication, metal work and specialty race projects, we also have several Miller TIG welders, A Miller MIG welder, Sheet metal brake, two drill presses, a Milling machine and water cooled horizontal band saw to name just a few.

Our diagnostic tools are as advanced as can be found. We utilize the Porsche PST2 and PIWIS scan tools as well as the VAS 6150 for Audi and Bentley Applications, backed up by the most recent factory service and repair data and technical service bulletins.  If your car came off the boat this morning, we can diagnose it this afternoon!


At Technical Dimensions, we stand behind our work. Our reputation- Sterling. We use OEM parts and Factory Procedures. As such, our come-back ratio is virtually zero, however, in the event that a client should experience a failure of a performed repair, we provide the SAME warranty as OEM. All Porsche repairs are warranted against failure for 2 Years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Audi and Bentley repairs carry the same warranty as their respective OEM guideline of 12 Months or 12,000 miles. So you can rest assured that when we service your vehicle, you are getting the best service available and peace of mind.


Customer Services

  1. Customer waiting area with flat screen TV/X-Box Gaming/ Wireless Internet
  2. Coffee and Drinks provided.
  3. Plenty of Current Reading material
  4. AM Drop off service avail by appt within radius
  5. Car wash gratis (weather and time permitting*)

Customer Check List

  1. First time customers- please bring any prior service history available
  2. Bring all keys
  3. Valid Insurance Card/ID/ Current license plate and registration.
    These are a requirement for us to operate your vehicle on public roads.
  4. If possible (excepting tow-ins) please drop off your vehicle with a full fuel tank.
  5. Come expecting great service!

* For your Peace Of Mind- We are fully insured for up to $1,000,000 of liability and property loss. Insurance deck sheet available on request at any time. Our facility, located directly on Beach blvd is exceptionally secure with 6000 Sq feet of interior space. Cars left for service are stored inside or within our fully fenced lot after hours. We utilize video surveillance and Safetouch Security with 2 Way communicator and radio back up.

** We do not provide loaner cars at this time.

*** We do not install customer supplied parts.