Special Services

Complementing our Stellar maintenance and repair programs,
we provide special services not found just anywhere.

Gauge Repair/Certification

For classic applications, VDO manufactured a variety of instrumentation gauges for German Vehicles. As they age, there are a number of things that will fail. Most common of these are the odometer drive gear. When this breaks, your odometer ceases to function. Fuel and oil level indicators also may fail to operate correctly and the tachometer may begin to operate erratically. We will repair and calibrate these issues for like-new operation.


Instrument Cluster Repair/Replacement

For all new generation applications, Instrument gauges have been merged into a single instrument cluster which is also a diagnosable control unit. These can exhibit different issues. Some will have pixelation, lines or complete loss of LCD display. Others will require complete replacement of the instrument cluster assembly itself. We have the capability in most cases to repair the faulty LCD displays. For complete replacement, we have full programming capabilities with  our Factory scan tools.

Porsche instrument cluster

Audi Instrument Cluster


Welding/Custom Fabrication

Sometimes a repair or upgrade requires something custom. We have a wealth of experience in fabricating custom parts and provide professional TIG and MIG welding services. We can mill a variety of items for specific applications. For extremely complex needs, we have excellent relationships with several of the best CNC-Mill operators in the area.


CARB/CIS/EFI Rebuilds and Repairs

From classic Carburation, MFI, CIS and ALL EFI fueling systems, we have your solution. As these systems age, they may need refurbishment or replacement parts. Cars that have been neglected or left sitting for several years without fuel stabilant, fuel will laquer rendering them inoperative. We have a large number of suppliers for some of these rare and hard to find parts and pieces, including original and replacement gas tanks, fuel heads, warm up regulators and more.


Powder Coating/Ceramics

In many of our special projects, we utilize Powdercoating to provide a hard, durable and attractive finish on metal components. It is unaffected by most heat sources and resists damage by fluids and cleaning agents. Whatever your need from wheels to engine parts and most everything in between we provide consulting and an end product guaranteed to please.

We also provide a wide range of ceramic thermal barrier coatings from Swain and LizardSkin for enhanced heat expidition, heat containment and sound deadening.