Transmission Building

A properly operating transmission is key to putting the power and torque created by your engine to the road. Porsche and Audi gearboxes are typically divided into a few categories with few exceptions- The manual transaxle, Tiptronic power transmission and in recent history, the advent of the DSG and PDK transmissions.

All gear boxes need their gear or AT fluids serviced at regular intervals to provide maximum life and smooth gear exchanges. Each type of gearbox has its own interval for servicing. That said, even the best maintained gearboxes can suffer abuse, damage or failure. In those cases, a rebuild is in order.

We rebuild all Porsche and Audi Gearboxes In house and repair all Tiptronic/DSG/PDK units parts availability dependant* Many of the newest power transmissions have limited supply of available spare parts. In some cases where needed parts/part numbers are unavailable, complete replacement units are required from the OEM.

In addition to standard rebuilds, we also offer many alternative gearing options, durability improvements, clutch style or spool type limited slip differentials, particularly for high performance street and track applications. Call for more details.