Convertible Tops/Upholstery

When the sun shines, there’s nothing like driving with the top down. Unfortunately, there are times when it has to come up. For those times it is nice to know that your top will keep out inclement weather and provide some measure of security. If you have any perforations or wear in your Cabriolet top, we can help. We are the only Porsche/Audi/Bentley IRF in greater Jacksonville that provides full convertible top replacement services in original canvas and a wide range of factory color, IN-HOUSE. We also provide all repairs for any other cab top failures you may experience.


Seats starting to show their age? Dash getting some cracks? Headliner sagging? Thinking about an Alcantera trim or steering wheel upgrade?

We provide top quality IN-HOUSE leather/Alcantera work, Leather Dyeing, headliner and carpet replacement. We only use original German leathers and factory fabrics. We love working with Alcantera and only use the original trademark brand. The OEMS have used Select Alcantera in many of their interior packages as an upgrade option. We offer replacements for what you have as well as upgrades if it was not an option on your vehicle from the factory.